Thor UVC® : the disinfection robot for all the citizens’ safety, not only in hospitals


Marco Sesenna, CEO of NBA Medica, tells all the future uses of Thor UVC, the absolute innovation not only for the disinfection all over the hospitals, but also for several public spaces.


For which purpose Thor UVC® was mostly used until now
“The disinfection robot helped hospital structures to understand that the issue of hospital-acquired infections is a proven fact, and it can be reduced to minimum terms with actions in synergy with people and machines”.


In which kind of spaces and for which purposes THOR UVC® can be used
“It is used mainly in hospitals, in operating and recovery rooms, but also in surgery rooms and into the different hospital wards.
However, the technology is completely multi-purpose, and can be used also in different areas that are sensitive to contamination: hotels, gyms, supermarkets and food industries are only a few examples”.

What’s the future of the disinfection robot
“We hope that the methodology will be included as soon as possible in the hospitals sanitization’s protocols, with daily procedural requirements. Only in this way we’ll be able to protect ourselves from the bacteriological attacks that will spread through the world in the future”.