The first product in Polyganics Neurosurgery portfolio is LIQOSEAL®. LIQOSEAL® is indicated for use as an adjunct to standard methods of cranial dural repair to provide a watertight closure of the dura mater and reduce cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage.

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Polyganics bioresorbable polymers are safe and biocompatible. Once in place, they have the potential to gradually degrade into non-toxic, biologically safe compounds, which are resorbed and removed via the body’s natural excretory systems. Polyganics unique expertise and know-how in polymer chemistry, processing methods and design enables us to develop medical devices as specific solutions for a broad range of clinical applications. With this versatile, proprietary polymer platforms and growing expertise in processes and design, they can develop varied products with functions well-suited to their intended use, enabling to specifically address the needs of clinicians and to transform patient recovery.

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Polyganics is an innovative, privately-held medical technology company bringing to market unique bioresorbable devices to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration after surgery.
Rooted in Academic Excellence Their original polymers were developed at the University of Groningen, a premier academic institution in the Netherlands, and Polyganics spun out from this University in 1999. Since their inception, they have leveraged their versatile polymer platforms to develop, manufacture and commercialize two business portfolios, our Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Peripheral Nerve Repair (PNR) products. In 2014, ENT business was acquired by Stryker, a global leader in medical devices. They continue to manufacture the products as part of an ongoing agreement. Polyganics sold more than 5 million devices worldwide.

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