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NBA is Medics Partner.

In the era of precision surgery, where approaches are increasingly conservative and minimally invasive, Medics redefines the preoperative planning standard with a custom made approach. Today, planning is based on the study of two-dimensional representations: despite the development of volumetric images, the impossibility of real interaction with the available rendering volumes persists.

Medics 3d Benefits.

Better understanding of the clinical situation
Tailor-made surgical treatment
Safer and less invasive surgery

Lower direct costs
Reduced risks of complications or infections
Minor medico-legal problems

Better visual-spatial perception
Simulation of the surgical intervention
Forecast of the outcome of the intervention

NBA is Medics Partner.

Thanks to medical-surgical knowledge and technical skills, Medics has developed HA3D: 3D reconstruction with very high fidelity and precision of the anatomy of the individual patient that allow you to plan the surgery as accurately, safely and conservatively as possible.

distributori medics 3d italia


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