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M.D.I. Medical Device Innovation, is a reality founded by professionals who have been operating successfully for over thirty years in the field of Medical Devices. The long experience gained in various segments of the medical market allows us to understand more easily the problems of our customers (Hospitals, nursing homes, welfare facilities in the area), offering expertise and support in all situations in which it is necessary to rely on new and more effective strategies for the prevention and control of assistance-related infections (ICA).

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NBA is THOR UVC Distributor.

Thor UVC is a UVC unit for rapid and deep decontamination of hospital premises (operating room, departments, etc.), equipped with 24 lamps with high power and efficiency with continuous emission; remote management of all parameters and phases of the process, using control software on tablets and in total safety for the operator, with e-mail distribution and real-time archiving of all the main data related to the treatment performed. Proprietary algorithm for the analysis and the double level scanning of the room to be treated, able to determine the geometry of the same and ensure the correct dosage necessary to guarantee a decontamination at Log-6 level (99.9999%).


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