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the IRMA LH portable blood gas analysis system with its intuitive and user friendly APP, makes it comfortable and easy for a variety of operations by health professionals, therefore to be used in a multitude of clinical settings. Reliable and Safe The POC point-of-care blood analyzer boasts over 2 decades of exceptional clinical performance. The IRMA experience is easy to configure, implement to perform daily tests. The revolutionary IRMA App with color touchscreen and video user interface provides an unprecedented user experience. This system provides comfort and convenience while allowing exceptional analytical performance.


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IRMA is the most reliable POCT blood gas system


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LifeHealth has focused on improving human health and animal health through point-of-care diagnostic products that provide critical information to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases. LifeHealth is the manufacturer of IRMA® LH & Vet Blood Analysis Systems, the world's first single-use point-of-care blood gas analyzer, clinically proven with over 24 years of exceptional analytical performance to measure blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites. Our mission is to provide doctors and veterinarians with diagnostic results as soon as possible for a more effective treatment.

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