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NBA Medica is born from over 70 years of combined experience in the Healthcare and Medical Device sector with the aim of responding to the new managerial challenges in business development, marketing & sales and post-sales, bringing innovative medical technologies to the market through the communication and delivery of their value to the all the stakeholders involved in the purchasing process.


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We Are.

Focusing on the customer and his needs NBA Medica is the ideal partner for companies with value-added products that aim for rapid growth on the Italian market and on the main international markets.
NBA Medica is not just a distributor, it is a partner capable of providing managerial and logistics support by aligning its objectives with those of its suppliers in terms of sales growth or the value necessary for strategic exit objectives.

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NBA Medica is proud to Help no profit company ``Noi Uniti per l'Autismo``


NBA Medica is ``Urania Basket Milano`` Main Sponsor